How do I improve my English grammar and speaking?

by Saumya Seth
(Ghaziabad Sahibabad, India)

I want to improve my English grammar and speak fluently, so please help me to improve my speaking level.

I have no any guideline to improve my English language...


Hello Saumya Seth,

Without knowing very much about you, it's hard for me to give you very specific advice at this moment. It would be helpful for me to know, for instance:

- What kind of a learner you are, e.g. a high school student, college student, a working professional

- What you need the English grammar and speaking skills for--What would you like to be able to do in English?

- If you are taking an English course at the moment, what type of course and where

- How much instruction in English you have already had

- What proficiency level you see yourself to be at: beginner, intermediate or advanced

You may use the "Click here to post comments" link to tell me more about yourself. Then, I will be happy to start offering you some guidance.

Work hard and be successful,

Professor iEnglish

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