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Are you a learner looking for FREE
online English learning help?

Are you a teacher looking for useful ideas OR
information about classroom research?

Or are you looking for HELP with iEnglish® books?

You've come to the right place if you answered "YES!" to any of the above questions.

What You Will Find Here

iEnglish®.org (pronounced: i-english-R-dot-org) is a non-profit Web site with one main purpose: To HELP you reach your goals as an English language learner, teacher or researcher--for FREE.

We also provide online support for users of the iEnglish® series of books: (1) the iEnglish® 201 to 205 workbooks, and (2) the iEnglish® College textbooks. These books are published by UNI Publishing, the site's sponsor.

We offer:
(1) FREE online English learning materials for learners,
(2) FREE teaching ideas and teacher development resources for teachers,
(3) FREE online help and tutorials for teacher researchers, and
(4) HELP and support for students and teachers using iEnglish® books.

Our Mission

Aside from WHAT you find here, it's important to note how our information is provided. The aim is to bridge the gap between theory and practice where language learning and teaching is concerned.

You didn't know that there were many theories about the best ways of learning and teaching a foreign language? YES, there are!

Theories are developed and tested through research, and although research hasn't provided us with all of the answers about English language learning and teaching, there is a lot that we do know.

Unfortunately, some of these insights are not always passed on in a form that is useful to learners and teachers--the people who could benefit most!

Our mission at iEnglish®.org is to bring the results of the best research to everyone who is learning OR teaching, or conducting classroom research, in English as a foreign language contexts (EFL).

We are Non-Profit in One Sense Only

Finally, iEnglish®.org is a Web site that is dedicated to raising money for charity. Proceeds from advertising, affiliate links, site sponsorship, etc. will be donated to various local and international charities. Our focus is on poverty reduction through sustainable capacity building; that is, poverty reduction through the development of self-reliance.

By being an active user and supporter of this Web site, you will be helping us meet one of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Ending poverty and hunger (

What You Can Do to Get the Most Out of This Web Site

Talk with us! Use the online forms for learners, teachers, researchers and iEnglish® teachers, to tell us what we can DO to help YOU!

Tell us what you are trying to do in your English language learning, teaching or research, and allow us to help you find practical solutions that are supported by good research.

AND FINALLY--share the information that you find here with others! Tell your friends that we are here! Use the Facebook and Twitter links to recommend this Web site to others and spread the word.

REALISE your goals and help fight poverty and hunger in the world.

Let's all work hard and be successful!

Grace H. Wang, MA (TEFL/TESL)

Founder of iEnglish®.org
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