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Frames 1-50, iEnglish 202 QA 
(1) How can I distinguish between M1 and M2? (2) Are there any other uses of the present simple tense besides M1, M2? ANSWERS: Question (1) …

Frames 51-100, iEnglish 202 QA 
(1) Now my long curiosity is solved because of this book on Frame 59, thanks a lot. However, there is one thing I am not sure about. Frame 59 only shows …

Frames 101-150, iEnglish 202 QA 
The answer for (3) "The action was interrupted by something" is past continuous. But I don't understand why the answer is past continuous. I think the …

Frames 151-200, iEnglish 202 QA 
According to the page 152, the present continuous tense may be used in more formal setting than the 'be going to' verb phrase. However, I can hardly …

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