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Frames 151-200, iEnglish 203 QA 
The book said that 'it' can have meaning or not. I can't understand the difference exactly. If 'it' is used as a complement, 'it' has a meaning. Is this …

Frames 101-150, iEnglish 203 QA 
I can distinguish what is SVC clause and what is SVO clause, but I'm confused about how to know the clause pattern that can be written with a corresponding …

Frames 51-100, iEnglish 203 QA 
It is easy to see the SVO pattern in a simple sentence. But in the complicated sentence like the one in Frame 69 that contains a clause beginning with …

Frames 1-50, iEnglish 203 QA 
(1) Why is ‘d’ a sentence fragment? I heard that after 'because', we can put a complete sentence, so I cannot understand why this sentence is a sentence …

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