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Frames 151-200, iEnglish 204 QA 
I think that answer 'b' is more logical than 'a'. Why is the answer 'a'? ANSWER: I think that the confusion is caused by the absence of the word …

Frames 51-100, iEnglish 204 QA 
I cannot understand Frame 59 and 60. Also, their question contains the phrase "the conjunction and." Is there any difference between a conjunction …

Frames 1-50, iEnglish 204 QA 
In this sentence, why is "who" the subject? I thought Kirkpatrick Macmillan is the subject. The pedals were added in 1840 by a Scottish blacksmith, …

Frames 101-150, iEnglish 204 QA 
I cannot perfectly understand the difference between 1a-1b-1c, 2a-2b-2c and 1c-2c. Could you explain the difference by examples? ANSWER: There's …

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