Want to improve accuracy in English language system

by shaguftasajjad

I want accuracy and fluency in English Language system.


Hello Kashmir,

Without knowing very much about you, it's hard for me to give you very specific advice at this moment. It would help for me know, for instance:

- What kind of a learner you are, e.g. a high school student, college student, a working professional

- What you need the English fluency and accuracy for--What would you like to be able to do in English?

- What kind of a country you live in, whether it's a country where English is spoken as an official language or not

- If you are taking an English course at the moment, what type of course and where

- How much instruction in English you have already had and what proficiency level you see yourself to be at: beginner, intermediate or advanced

You may use the "Click here to post comments" link, if you like, to tell me more about yourself.

In the meantime, I can say that one of the very best things you may do to improve your English fluency and accuracy is to read and listen to books that you enjoy.

Look for books written in English that are not too difficult to read, and easy for you to enjoy, and try to select books that are also available in an audio format.

Read and listen to the books to make sure that you understand the content and words.

Then, listen to the books over and over again in your spare time. Doing this will help to 'flood' your mind with English.

This is especially helpful if you live in countries where English is not spoken as an official language, where there aren't many people for you to communicate with in English, and it's difficult to experience English in the environment.

Try to find yourself an English study partner, someone with whom you may read and discuss the books together in English. Reading books and talking about them with someone is a wonderful way to build your English proficiency.

Make reading and listening in English a daily habit and a favorite hobby. Spend lots of time in English. This will help your mind to become more and more familiar with and accustomed to the English language, and your ability for fluency and accuracy will strengthen.

English is like a friend--The more time you spend with her, the better you will come to know her.

I hope this helps.

Work hard and be successful,

Professor iEnglish

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